The global and local challenges lead us to utilize projects in European and local level in order to respond to every kind of social challenge.

  • Χroma II “Workshops of Empowerment Roma Women”. The projects was targeted on twenty young Roma women in the region of Thessaloniki, Greece, and its main aim was to empower young Roma women how to deal with conflicts, stereotypes, prejudges and get a better understanding of their human rights in order to be able to act as active citizens and vindicate their rights. (Funded by: Council of Europe, European Youth Foundation 01.10.2016 – 30.12.2016)
  • Χroma I “Raise awareness of Roma women in Primary Health Issues”. The project concerned Roma women living in Larissa, Greece, and its aim was to raise their awareness on pregnancy issues, and primary health, so that women will be able to take care of their families and themselves. In the framework of the project, we cooperated with the Regional Mobile Health Units and for the first time, Mobile Health Units visited a Roma community. As a result, 400 people took free blood, mammograph and spirometry test. (Funded by: Clinton Global Initiative and Angelopoulos Fellowship 15.04.2013 – 10.12.201
  • National Training of the Council of Europe Human Rights Defenders: The project concerned the training of twenty young participants on ways to combat discrimination and prejudices and take an active role as activists in their communities. (Funded by: Council of Europe in cooperation with U.S.B. NGO in Greece)
  • “Mirrors Νational Training” : The project concerns the sending of a team to the national training of C.o.E. “Mirrors”, which is a handbook to combat anti-gypsyism. Seven representatives of A.I.D. attended the training and were selected out of 120 applicants. (14.11.2016- 19.11.2016)
  • Νo Hate Speech Movement “Human Rights Day” 10.12.2016: Action of raising awareness of the local community on the “Human Rights Day”. Members of AID gathered in a central area of Larissa and informed over 120 people about the No Hate Speech Campaign. The people that were informed were asked to write a message using the slogan of United Nations “I support the rights of all”. (Funded by: self founded in cooperation with Youthnet N.G.O.)
  • Participation to the second Global Congress of Roma women in Spain 2016 -2017: Representatives of A.I.D. will attend the pre-congress meeting in order to give their input on the topics that should be pointed to the official Congress. During the official Congress, A.I.D. will be one of the main representatives of Greece.
  • Cooperation with Italian Institution Factory 012 “High Quality”: The project concerned the hosting of seven participants from Italy for three months in order to work in Greek workplace and get familiar with the layout market in the agricultural section. (Funded by: Erasmus plus, E.U.)

      As far as the refugees are concerned, A.I.D. set as a priority to provide its services to refugees. In order to provide support,          A.I.D. has implemented the following actions:

  1. Study Visit on Chios and Mytiline during November 2015. During the study visit, two members visited the islands in order to identify the needs of refugees and the situstion. As a result based on the needs, A.I.D. motivated its members to select clothes and food in order to be sent to the hot-spots.
  2. Study visit in refugees hosting center in the region of Grevena on 1 December 2016. Three members of A.I.D. visited the region of Grevena in order to identify the number of children of refugees that are being hosted and their needs.

After the study visits, A.I.D. has set as a strategical goal to provide support to refugees and especially the children of                     refugees. In order to achieve that goal, A.I.D was successfully funded for the following project: –

  • ”Practices and approaches for the integration and empowerment of refugees in the framework of Adult Education Training with main emphasis on tools, design and methods to teach refugees and produce material”. This project, which was evaluated 96% by the State Scholarships Foundation (I.K.Y.) and E.U., is now being implemented. The main aim of the project is to train ten people as an action group in order to exchange information on how to support refugees and get a better understanding of their needs and innovative methods of empowerment. (Funded by: I.K.Y. -Foundation of State Scholaships- Erasmus plus, EU.)