“More than a refugee” Project – Material and resources

We at AID, are very proud for our participation in “More than a refugee” Erasmus+ Training Program.





We leave the project with massive amount of learnings, good memories, real contacts with Syrian children and women and big appreciation to the project.   



Do you want to learn some of the project’s insights?
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Tens of thousands of Kurds stream across the border into the Turkish town of Dikmetas on September 20, fleeing an Islamic State assault on the town of Kobane in Syria.

22 Sep 2014, Turkey — Thousands of Syrian’s cross into Yumurtalik, Turkey, fleeing the advance of ISIS into Kobani, Syria. — Image by © John Stanmeyer/National Geographic Creative/Corbis


What is a Refugee? (Click to learn, using a powerpoint presentation)


You can find our presentation here(AID_pptx)




What is the Refugee Situation in Slovakia? (.pdf)



You can download the Project’s Handbook here!

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