YOUNG VOICES for social inclusion of Roma women

YOUNG VOICES is a visionary project that aims to build a Strategic Partnership of organisations that are working towards the advancement of the Roma community, in particular Roma women and youth.  The project has a horizontal approach and employs a dialogic communicative methodology to ensure that it reaches the most vulnerable women and youth. The priorities of the project are social inclusion, promoting empowerment, and promoting quality youth work. 

YOUNG VOICES intends to strengthen this particular youth group including their voices, gathering them in a course to discuss and share good practices to overcome barriers to improve their living conditions, and promoting a network among young Roma grassroots women coming from different European countries.

Through knowledge sharing, capacity building,  and creative dissemination outputs, which will include a Roma Women’s Manifesto, YOUNG VOICES will reach and engage Roma women and youth from four different European metropolis through social inclusion, promoting empowerment, and promoting quality youth work.

The Consortium is composed of four organizations that work with Roma young women towards the improvement of methodologies which encourage them to return to the educational system or to integrate into the formal working system and environments.

In summary, YOUNG VOICES foregrounds the Roma women, builds on previous best practice successful projects, employs communicative methodology and weaves in a number of outputs that  are tangible resources that can be repurposed and reused by a number of key stakeholders.