Start Up For Development | Press Release

On 26/5/2021 the online meeting for the Start up for Development project started, in which all five organizations from Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Poland participated.

In the beginning, the importance of smart cities was discussed and thus, the partners defined the smart city concept and they decided on how the work that has to be done will be separated, based on the expertise and knowledge of each partner.

Therefore, partners had a fruitful discussion on the common templates and documents that they will use during the lifetime of the project. Furthermore, they decided on the platforms and the tools that will support the implementation of the project, in which each partner will have access and will be able to monitor the progress. Both good management of the work and the high expertise of partners ensure the high quality of the project results.

Afterward, the partners agreed to create questionnaires for the project and provide a report with the results. In particular, partners decided that the main topics of the curriculum development will be five, such as Smart Governance, Smart Environment, Smart Life, Smart Transport, and Smart Card.

Finally, the partnership is expected to organize several dissemination activities for the communication and promotion of the project.

For this reason, the project’s partners invite the community to engage in and follow the project’s activities on social media (Start up for Development Facebook)

For more information, you could visit the website of AID or send a message.

Stay tuned!