The upcoming two years definitely are going to be exciting! 

President of AID orginization, Ms Fenia Papakonstantinou is a selected member of the #AdvisoryCouncilonYouth for taking decisions in all youth sector activities of the #Council_of_Europe for 2018/19 and working with #CDEJ and #CoE_secretariat representing @AlD .

Fenia Papakonstantinou

Fenia Papakonstantinou


fenia at bukurest

CMJ – meeting _ Raising questions for CDEJ , representatives of Member States .. Challenging times demand collaborative actions and contribution on behalf of state members and civil society organizations #comanagement #councilofeurope #advisorycouncil #Budapest #advocacy


first meeting

The new Advisory Council is having its first meeting at the European Youth Centre Budapest! These 30 young representatives of youth organisations are going to work together for the next 2 years to make the voice of young people heard in the 47 Council of Europe member states!


The two next years  are definitely going to be exciting!  Join us to be a part of this!

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