Psychological First Aid for Youth Workers (Training course)

AID will participate in a training course project called “Psychological First Aid for Youth Workers” that will take place in Gánt, Hungary between 19-28 April 2019.

3 participants will represent our organisation among participants from other countries. All participants should be over 18 but there is no upper age limit. We will try to gather both male and female participants so we can more or less ensure gender balance.

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We expect our participants to have relevant experiences in youth work, to be youth workers, youth leaders, people working with young people who are socially excluded, teachers, etc. They need to have an idea about the topic to set personal goals and represent the goals of the NGOs, however, they do not need to be experts as this will be a learning experience where the trainers will facilitate them through non-formal education and self-directed learning methods.

They also need to be comfortable in speaking and understanding English as this will be the language in which the training course will be delivered. In case of difficulties in understanding something due to the language barriers, the trainers and other participants can be an asset to explain things in another language if necessary.

We always choose participants who are enthusiastic about youth work and willing to learn these new set of skills and knowledge to implement in their organizations. You are very welcome to apply even if you are facing difficulties in attending international activities. Such difficulties might be geographical obstacles (living in very rural area) or social obstacles (having difficulties to integrate in the society due to different reasons).