Roma Connect

Roma women from all over Europe need a sorority network that allows them to become a voice in their community and a motor of change. 

The ROMA CONNECT project aims to provide a response to antigypsyism, following the recommendations of the EU Roma strategic framework on equality, inclusion and participation. It will work with Roma grassroots women, a highly vulnerable group to discrimination and marginalization.

The ROMA CONNECT project intends to foster rights awareness through capacity-building activities and trainings. All of these conclusions will be integrated into a public campaign that reaches the local, national and European levels. The target group supported in the project is grassroots Roma women: Roma women without a high educational level that participate in activism activities. 

The main general objective of the project is to empower and support the capacity and role of community leaders, grass-roots Roma women, in order to address antigypsyism through a public campaign. The specific objectives of the project are the following:

  • To foster rights awareness of the grassroots Roma women, through capacity-building activities. 
  • To build trust between the Roma and Non-Roma communities. The history of marginalisation to which the Roma community has been subjected has led to a series of prejudices and stereotypes towards them. 
  • To have an institutional impact, both at the local, national (of all the countries that make up the consortium) and European levels.

This project is financed by the European Commission. Find out more and follow the official website of the project for more news: