«Social Cohesion TV: Citizen Media in Social Cohesion»

Με επιτυχία ολοκληρώθηκε το πρόγραμμα Youth Exchange με τίτλο «SocialCohesionTV: CitizenMediainSocialCohesion» στην Τουρκία από τις 19 έως τις 26 Φεβρουαρίου. Στο πρόγραμμα συμμετείχαν επτά (7) μέλη του οργανισμού, ενώ συνολικά οι 42 συμμετέχοντες προερχόντουσαν από οργανισμούς νεολαίας της Ιταλίας, της Πολωνίας, της Λιθουανίας, της Ισπανίας και της Τουρκίας. Σκοπός του προγράμματος αποτέλεσε η αύξηση της κοινωνικής συνοχής και ένταξης ευπαθών κοινωνικά ομάδων διαμέσου των Μέσων Μαζικής Επικοινωνίας. Το εκπαιδευτικό πρόγραμμα βασίστηκε στην μη τυπική μάθηση με καινοτόμους μεθόδους και εργαλεία τα οποία έδωσαν στους συμμετέχοντες τα κατάλληλα εφόδια για να αποκτήσουν μια πληρέστερη εικόνα του ρόλου που έχουν τα Media στον σημερινό κοινωνικό ιστό.

Παρακάτω παρατίθενται οι απόψεις κάποιων από τους συμμετέχοντες:


Ιt was a special experience for me. The team there and the staff, made us feel like home and they were always helping us with everything we needed. Regarding the children from the other countries, they were all wonderful and created a friendly atmosphere. We all became friends and matched our cultures and beliefs regardless of the diversity we have as cultures.This program of social cohesion, left only positive emotions and I would do it again without any hesitation!

social Cohesion TV

Nancy Pappa

The Social Cohesion program in Turkey was a unique experience for me. Getting to know and interacting with people from different countries and cultures, teaming up in order to participate in activities, getting to know Istanbul better and the way people live and their habits are all of them important memories. . I would definitely join another program again!

Katia Isaakidou

The trip in Istanbul for the Social Cohesion program was a memorable experience for all of us! It was my first time in an Erasmus+ project and I have the best impressions of it! We came close with the other groups from the other countries almost immediately and we embraced their cultures as if they are ours. We joined in a numerous of group activities and we exchanged our beliefs and views, which made us feel connected with each other. We have discovered that Istanbul is a unique city and its monuments are breathtaking.. The program was very successful! I would definitely participate in other projects like this one again in the future!!

Stelios Mpalis

The trip started amazing with a lot of enthusiasm from all of the participants. We arrived in a very cozy hotel after a nice and safe trip and then our journey began. I enjoyed the beauty of Istanbul, the hospitality was amazing and we quickly started to make new friendships with the people from the other countries. I think the project was very successful in all aspects. We made new friends, we learned about different cultures, we learned about their religion and their history. Overall it was a great experience and vey informing. I would like to participate in many more projects like that.

Dimitris Vouros

7 days in a beautiful city with young, ambitious people from 6 different countries, all of them ready to live this experience!! The interesting and innovative courses of our project leaded us to exchange ideas, improve our skills and share our experiences. We are thankful for this opportunity we had to live this magical experience!

Vasileios Sanidas

I was a participant at Erasmus+ project that was about social cohesion. It was the first time I joined in a project like this and I really had a great time. The program was very interesting and I did not get tired of it. Basically it was really fun! The activities of the project were very fascinating and made us come close to each other and with some of them we considered as real friends. Istanbul is a beautiful city. With my team and with the other teams we went out some times and we had a lot of fun! The general experience was fantastic! I hope I may have the chance to go to another program like this again!

Vaios Thanos

The Erasmus + project was a lot more than I was expected. In this particular program, the theme was about social cohesion, something that everyone should be informed in. The way that the program unfolded made the theme clear for us! In addition, the fact that we had the opportunity to learn about 6 different countries and their culture, is an experience that not many people have. In my opinion the course was constructive for everyone, as it offered the appropriate knowledge and skills. Last but no least, I would like to thank our NGO (AID) and all the other NGOs that were participants in this project! It was fascinating experience for everyone!