AID supports Greece Global Startup Weekend|Remote edition, about Covid-19

We at AID are proud supporters of the event and greek startup weekend community!

Do you have an idea and don’t know how to implement it?

Do you want to get involved in entrepreneurship but don’t know how?

Are you one of those who believe that the recent crisis creates new opportunities?

Startup Weekend is here, with support from AID and in collaboration with all the organizers of the Greek SWs.

We invite creative people to collaborate, remotely for the first time from all over the country, to find solutions related to COVID-19 that will triumph! Make the perfect start on April 24-26!

What is Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend is one of the most popular youth entrepreneurship development institutions in the world today. Participants are invited to form teams and to develop and present comprehensive business plans within just 54 hours, under the guidance of mentors from the business, academic and investment sectors. This time, all this will happen from your home!

For the first time, potential startuppers from all over Greece are joining forces to tackle problems arising from the state of the global pandemic, and are focusing on the business solutions of the next day.


Like all major events of this period worldwide, Startup Weekend GREECE REMOTE COVID-19 will be held entirely virtually and remotely for participants, mentors and judges, in a discord server and is expected to support thousands of attendees simultaneously!

How do I register? Is there any cost?

Anyone can register by April 23 here, and it is completely free! Upon Participation you can:

  1. have the opportunity to work on your idea,
  2. be consulted with mentors and market people
  3. work with other people who share common interests
  4. get your idea validated by experienced judges
  5. create your own startup!

What should I expect?

  1. Startup Weekend starts on Friday afternoon with a presentation of the concepts/ideas and formation of the teams!
  2. Continues on Saturday at an intensive pace with brainstorming, business canvas development and prototyping.
  3. and finally it concludes on Sunday night with the remote presentations to the judges who will evaluate the result based on the viability of the business plan and its innovation.
  4. Throughout the event, successful mentors from the business “realm” are at the side of the teams to guide participants and share valuable experiences and advice.
  5. Winners win services as prizes that will give them the opportunity to showcase their idea nationally and internationally.

You need more details?

The event’s mentors and the agenda will be announced soon. More information can be found here and you can contact the organizers at  [email protected]  or at facebook event.

We at AID are proud supporters of the event and greek startup weekend community!